Monte Carpegna is the northernmost Marche peak and extends between the basins of the rivers Foglia, Marecchia and Conca. With its 1415 meters above sea level, it stands as the geographic and visual center of the high Montefeltro area.The mountainous relief falls within the territory of the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. The Monte Carpegna name is linked to its natural origins: the Latin phrase carpineus stood for the hornbeams that covered the entire top of the mountain. Today we can admire the result of careful reforestation action started in the twentieth century; from the ancient vegetation can observed a beech forest in Pianacquadio, whose beech specimens are remarkable for size and age.The rounded summit of Monte Carpegna is characterized by a dense turf used for pasture and especially for a 360 degree panorama that allows the visitor to lose the view both towards the Adriatic Sea as well as toward the Sibillini Mountains. The south side hosts exotic conifers and falls into the national forest that stretches for 415 hectares. Nearby there is another protected area, the Costa dei Salti, made of ravines, gullies and rock faces, is the habitat of rare specimens of vegetation such as mountain valerian, different types of bluebells and rare flowers such as the orchid chephalanthera from the beautiful shades purple.For animal lovers, a short distance from the top of Mount Carpegna is the Fauna Park, where you can learn about the species of animals such as goats, sheep and mules, closely observe wild animals in freedom and, from an external point to park and with proper precautions, even wild boars.The area is accessible in all seasons of the year. In the cold period are available plants with natural and artificial snow, equipped for sports activities even at night. During the spring you can do paragliding or hiking to enjoy the multicolored flowering meadows of the summit. There are a variety of tracks through different geological and plant landscapes too.Nevertheless the Monte Carpegna is a stage for those who love cycling. On these climbs it was used to train the great Marco Pantani before every important race. It is dedicated to his memory the monument at the Cippo of Carpegna.Also this place is wrapped in legend and mystery, with the Madonna del Faggeto Sanctuary. In fact, has always been devoted to the cult of the Madonna, it is said, several centuries ago she has appeared to two little shepherds in difficulty saving their lives. In the same place it was found an image of the Virgin, once brought into the village to make the right honor. However, the next day the same image was again found in the same beech forest and therefore it was decided to erect a sanctuary there. Today remains nothing of the modest original building of the thirteenth century, as it has been enlarged and enriched with an imposing bell tower and a hermitage.From Monte Carpegna can be reached Sasso Simone and Sasso Simoncello in a short time, but also the Montefeltro with its villages and its castles.

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