Gola del Furlo is a gorge near Fermignano, along the original route of Flaminia Road, engraved by the unceasing flow of Candigliano River, a tributary of the Metauro in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, between the walls of Monte Pietrella (889 meters) and Mount pietralata (976 meters).

The landscape is wild but very picturesque and charming. Made up of woods, pastures and pristine peaks. In 2001 was established Gola del Furlo Natural National Reserve to protect 3,600 hectares of this heritage characterized by golden eagles (represented in the coat of arms of the reserve), peregrine falcons, owls, wolves and deer. Also the reserve was created to regulate truffles collection. In fact, this place houses one of the oldest Italian truffle.

The Furlo Gorge crosses the border territory between the Marche and Umbria and it can be said that it also runs through the history, that of nature and that of man. In fact this place begins its history about 200 million years ago, the countless fossils are witnesses of this. Since the most remote times this was an important hub for the movement of goods and people from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic coast. That's why, for different populations at different times, has been the subject of architectural works that today would be defined cutting edge. The oldest evidence date the first attempt to Umbrians or to Etruscans, with a gallery of about 8 meters.

Thanks to Vespasian you can admire the more majestic work. In 77 BC he ordered to dug a long tunnel about 39 meters at the narrowest point of the gorge which was called "petra pertusa" or "forulum" (small hole), from which "Furlo". Certainly it was not a simple job with using ancient instruments. Still today traces of chisels of hundreds of slaves who scratched such a hard stone are visible. As told by sources, in order to process the stone first it had to be heated with fire and then washed with a vinegar and water solution.

In the last century, the Furlo Gorge, was one of the favorite stop by Mussolini during his travels from Rome to his native land of Romagna. In 1936, the Forest National Guard with the help of local craftsmen, erected on the front of Mount Pietralata the Duce's profile, as a thank you for opening an access road to the stone quarries. Today remains just a hint of the forehead, since at the end of the war the partisans and the Liberation forces decided to delete the profile from the mountain with guns and dynamite.

Several trails are available to discover one of the most beautiful natural scenery of the Marche. The routes have been settled recently and it has international signs. Among the most scenic routes, one comes from the dam on Candigliano until the Furlo Terrace, appreciated for its panoramic views over the gorge and rock walls.

From Gola del Furlo in no time you can reach other interesting places such as Acqualagna famous for its truffles; Apecchio the city of beer and the three levels globe peace; Cantiano which houses some works by Caravaggio and Gentile da Fabriano.

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