When you choose to go on vacation on the Sibillini Mountains, you choose to make a unique experience. Nature, history, secrets and mysteries, among wild and majestic peaks which still reveal the paths knights walked centuries ago to cross this strip of land between the Marche and Umbria.

The mountain chain covers approximately 70,000 hectares between the provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Perugia. There are many peaks higher than 2,000 meters above sea level: the Vettore Mount, with its 2,456 meters, Priora Mount, Bove Mount, Sibilla Mount. The ridges and sharp peaks of this mountain chain fade into crystalline glaciers are known as the glass mountains or blue mountains, as suggested the poet Giacomo Leopardi admiring them from afar.

But it is known that much of the Sibillini charm comes from the countless myths and legends that those mountains bring with them since time immemorial. Forge of fairy tales and knights, related to the Cave of the Sibyl on the homonymous mountain top and the adventures of Guerrin Meschino, the Vettore Mount and Pilato Lake, which takes its name from the legend according to which its waters would soaked with the blood of Pilato.

The powerful action of nature and human activity are the basis of the extraordinary diversity of natural and cultural history of the Sibillini Mountains. The will to safeguard these mountains, but also enhance them by making them practical, gave birth to the Sibillini Mountains National Park, where belong 18 municipalities, with fortresses, castles, lakes, rivers and trails.

The activities to be done here are those of green tourism, both in summer and in winter: hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, excursions and equipped slopes. An easy way to discover the Sibillini is following the routes proposed by the Park, which allow to choose from several options for type, time and difficulty. By car, jeep, bike, quad bike or walking you can choose to follow the Great Way of the Park, an experience to be done in several days. The Great Way is connected to 6 shorter routes identified so you can visit the whole territory of the park.

So many places to discover: from Fiastra Lake to Bear Caves of Bolognola, from Infernaccio Cleft to Forca Canapine to the high plateau of Norcia.

Sibillini Mountains, thanks to the particular climatic conditions, are home to more than a thousand species of flora such as Apennine edelweiss, anemone, lilium, bearberry and numerous examples of orchids. Even the species of fauna are different and unique: the wolf, the wild cat, the Marsicano brown bear, deer and chamois, in addition to about 150 species of birds.

When you choose to take a holiday on the Sibillini Mountains, you choose to discover their own pace, stopping frequently to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that arise around every hairpin taking your breath away after crossing a pass. Means moving along ancient roads and routes designed by man over the centuries, following them as new knights, still fascinated by the legends of the past, the history hidden in the mountains of this area, from nature that throbs stronger in most valleys isolated and hidden.

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