Many of the Marche’s provincial borders have a clear territorial derivation. San Vicino Mount extends from the Esino river valley to that of Potenza and delimits the Macerata province from Ancona. The mountain belongs to the Umbria-Marche Apennines and has always been a reference point for those who walk in these areas being visible from all directions. In this peculiarity it combines another: although always visible, depending on the observer's angle mountain relief profile changes. The 1484 meters of the Monte San Vicino can seem like a hump of a camel if you are in the south, a tricuspid form if you are north or similar to a volcano if you are east or west.

It was not easy to trace the topography of Monte San Vicino. However, some findings from the Roman period, its shape and placement, have corroborated the claim resulting from the Latin phrase vicilinus, which in Italian means "vigilante" (vigilant). One of the most venerated gods by the ancient is Janus, linked to the cult of the day cycle, especially sunrise and sunset, but also linked to the cardinal points and then the crossings and travelers. Also the Romans used to devote themselves to the rites linked to the worship on the highest summit of the area. This consideration leads to a direct deduction: "san" recalls the holiness of the place and being visible from different perspectives, as well as border and reference point for travelers and then their vigilante, made the Mount San Vicino the personification or ideal place for the worship of Janus.

The landscape and the rich biodiversity hosted in these areas, made it necessary to implement measures for the protection and preservation of flora and fauna. For this reason in 1994 it was set up the Regional Natural Reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito.

These places offer a view of woods and holm oaks, large lawns that create a particularly harmonious landscape, pleasant to explore on foot, mountain bike or horseback. The trails cross beautiful territories are fortresses, monasteries and castles, in memory of bygone centuries. To facilitate the tours, there is a map of the trails and Nordic Walking Park, a project that includes other areas in addition to that of Monte San Vicino, to promote walking. At the Natural Reserve you can take part in guided tours and educational activities organized by the center for environmental education.

The holiday program can not leave out a stop in Elcito, one of the most beautiful villages of the Marche region, perched on a rocky outcrop with what remains of its mighty castle walls placed in defense of the Benedictine Abbey of Valfucina. The Abbey is still famous for the rich documentation by the Benedictine monks telling us four centuries of economic history of these places through over 400 scrolls.

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