Fiastra Lake is one of the lakes of the Sibillini Mountains National Park. Created in the fifties as a hydroelectric reservoir exploiting the waters of the Fiastrone river, now it is a place very appreciated both for tourism both in sports.

Forests and mountains form the backdrop to this lake located at about 650 meters above sea level. Fiastrone Valley was known before for the numerous archaeological remains dating back to the Neolithic era and the Palaeolithic era, viewable in the National Archaeological Museum of Marche Region.

After the construction of the dam, one of the deepest in Europe, Fiastra Lake, because of its shape and the characteristics of its territory, it has become an ideal place for different sports. Its waters are rich in fish such as trout, barbel, tench, perch and bleak, especially interesting for those who practice sport fishing and carpfishing.

For many years various sport fishing competitions and night fishing take place here, in addition to the Monti Sibillini Triathlon, an event that attracts athletes from all over Italy. The competition, which takes place between late June and early July, has three phases: first 1500 meter swim, then a second bicycle on a trip of 38 kilometers and finally the track event 10 kilometers running along the banks of the lake.

For brave sportsmen is recommend the adventure-nature park, developing a path to test your skills. The activities are: zip line and rope bridges; tubing, water sports moving down the river through a sort of waist ring and paddlers; hydro-speed, equipped with water bob and flippers.

Fiastra Lake is mainly a place to relax surrounded by nature. It is always a pleasant day at the lake, especially if you have the services available, such as a beach equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs and a refreshment bar. The lake is suitable for swimming and you can rent pedal boats and small boats with electric motor to do not disturb the peace of the place. Also around the lake there are several rest areas with parking, ideal for the picnic with family and friends.

A part of the lake shore is more rocky and little accessibilile, appreciated by peregrine falcons nesting; while that of the right side crossed by a nature trail that runs along the lake from the town of San Lorenzo to the dam. Along the way there are particular difficulties, thus ideal not only for trekking lovers but also for quiet walks. The trail winds through the woods of oaks, holm and maples, with beautiful views over the Sibillini Mountains peaks and its perched villages.

In the surrounding area worth visiting the ruins of the castle of Magalotti and the church of Pieve di San Marco in Colpolina with a 5-nave crypt.

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